My Suitcase is *No Longer* Overflowing.

I went to New York City last month. I was there for 2.5 weeks. I had 24 hours notification, and I packed a 50 lb bag (not including my carry on & backpack.) Whew.

From the moment I booked my flight, to the moment I left my house, I had a thousand thoughts running through my head of what might happen throughout my trip. I was traveling for work, auditions, dance classes, & time with friends. To top it all off, the weather report said that the temperatures could rise or drop by 20-30 degrees, fahrenheit, everyday. So… I packed for every possible situation. I was very inefficient.

But, oh, how I’ve learned from taking a 50 lb suitcase on a 2.5 week trip. I completely overpacked, & only wore about half of it. I could have done with even less, if I hadn’t brought it with me.

The biggest takeaways from my trip to NYC were that I needed to minimize my wardrobe options, find better options for eco-friendly toiletries, and bring my own food containers and cups. I’ll break it down to what “rules” and products I’m experimenting with now.

This article will focus on my clothing choices, but check out my toiletries article, as well as my utility eco products article, for a smaller eco impact.

The main reasons why I want to simplify my travel wardrobe are because I want to:

  1. Not stress over what to wear every day.
  2. Lighten my suitcase.
  3. Decrease amount of washing. That means less money spent at the laundromat, less water & electricity used, and less microfibers leaching into the water. (Those microfibers travel out to the ocean, into fishes’ bodies, and the back into our bodies.)

General Clothing Guidelines for a trip of many causes:

  1. Pants: 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of black pants for work, & 2 workout pants (1 legging & one short, or 2 leggings).
  2. Shirts: 2 casual shirts, 1 nice top, and 1-2 shirts for work. If casual shirts cannot double as workout shirts, than bring 1 casual top & 1 workout top. Once Unbound Merino  releases their women’s line, I want to be the one of the first to test it out. Thank means that I could minimize my 2 casual shirts down to just one. Depending on the job, I could even eliminate a work top & bring one shirt for all of it. Doesn’t that sound magical?
  3. Skirts & dresses: I will allow myself one nice skirt that will work with the tops OR a nice dress that can double for a night out or day in the city.
  4. Enough undies for a week. HOWEVER, if I purchase these SilverTech women’s undies, than I’ll only need to bring one pair of underwear. YES, you read that right. I could get by on one pair of underwear, with SilverTech technology. My good friend who is a traveling photographer pointed me to the company, and now I am anxious for them to release their women’s line.
  5. 1 pair of jammies. If you don’t sleep nakie.
  6. 1 Lululemon Define Jacket, or something similar, for streamlined warmth. It works for dance days, for exploring the city, and over audition outfits.
  7. One simple sweater that isn’t athletic. My favorite sweater at the moment is a simple, black crew neck sweater from Express. It literally goes with everything. And I feel so chic in it.
  8. 1 coat. This really depends on the weather, but if you need it, don’t skip it!
  9. 1 scarf. I brought 3, and only wore 1 everyday. Just pick your favorite, and stick with it.
  10. 2 bras. One for exercise, and one for whatever else. Or, because it’s so tiny, throw one bralette in. If you even need it. (Which, you probably don’t.) And again, SilverTech’s bras have got it going on.
  11. 1 pair of SilverTech (or a similar company’s) socks.
  12. 1 pair of nice boots, (Mine double as shoes for fancier evenings) 1 pair of tennis shoes, and one pair of sandals.

And that sums up the clothing list!

In NYC, I brought sooo much more than that. *face palm*.

I’m sitting at the airport right now, on my way to Chicago. This time I’m traveling for work & play. I’ve followed these guidelines whilst packing, and I can’t wait to update you on what my experience is like with such a light load! Hopefully, for my next trip, I’ll be able to invest in some Unbound Merino or SilverTech goodies and minimize even further.

I’ll let you know how the Chicago wind blows me this week. Hopefully this new formula works!

What kinds of trips are you going on? What needs do you have to pack for? Message me, and let’s figure out awesome wardrobe choices for every type of traveler!



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