Oh, Crap. Money’s Tight.

This isn’t something I’d usually share online, but I feel it’s important to say. This blog is all about being authentic, and connecting with yourself and the world around you.

Part of that is me, connecting to you. And so here is something that I feel is important to share with you.

I work as an independent contractor, and this week, money’s real tight. The checks are slow to come right now, and when I looked at my bank account numbers last week, I started to low-key freak out. I know that money, previously made, will come in, but when exactly? I do not know. I’ve chosen to work this way because it brings me fulfillment, but weeks like this come every so often and I’m usually not well prepared for them.

Except this week, I am. Now, not in a monetary sense, but in a mental sense. As I started to panic, I knew, in the back of my mind, that freaking out wouldn’t do me any good at all. So instead, I decided that I had to either forget about money and trust that things will magically work out, or put my freak-out energy into action and do something about it. And so, everyday, I have actively worked on generating more reliable income for myself. Because I’m a travelling actor, I cannot carry a full time job. But I can get smart about how I work and find new types of work that fit my nomadic lifestyle.

During my search, I came across Psycho Traveller‘s vlog about 10 Jobs That Pay You To Travel The World, which, spun me into an in depth search for jobs that I could do anywhere, at any time, with a wifi connection. I landed on a site called Chegg, that hosts online tutoring sessions. And they’ve hired me! Woo! One more source of income. (I’ll update you all on how that goes, later.)

But I’m saying this to say that in my time of panic, I was able to redirect my thoughts and energy towards something beneficial.

And the whole reason I’m writing this post is to say that I was best able to get my life in order and focus on what really matters because of… MINIMALISM!

Yeah! Minimalism!

Let me explain. Over the past year or so, I have been ridding my life of clutter, and possessions. I’ve been changing my perspective on stuff from buying things and surrounding myself to feel better, to only buying things and surrounding myself with what motivates me, supports me, and truly adds value to my daily life.

So, when this week came, & I had hardly any money to spare, I was not distracted by needing things to make me feel better. I didn’t turn to food for comfort, as I could only afford to buy fresh fruits & veggies & eat what I already had. I didn’t turn to buying needless things to brighten my day, like I would normally do in the past. (Like, retail therapy.) Even if I were to go to a thrift store, I’d probably walk away with $30-60 dollars worth of clothing.

Instead, I have been super thrifty and seriously considering every purchase I make. It’s been a true test of minimalism principles and I have seen that I really don’t need all of the things I thought I did to make myself happy.

I have vowed to not spend any money, except on gas if needed, this week. And guess what? I’m still alive, and thriving! I’m actually quite happy, with hardly any money.

You know why? Because I took my energy & focus away from material things, and put it on what I can do to make my life better. Without all of the distractions, I have eaten better, I have exercised more, and  I have focused on my work & my studies. My resourcefulness has increased, as well as my drive to do the things that will bring me joy.

It feels good.

So, while I hope that you don’t have weeks like this, I also hope that maybe you do, so that you can see what really matters to you, & figure out what can set you on the path that you’d like to walk.

And don’t worry about me, I’ll be just fine. 😉

Special thanks to minimalism for helping me work on my mind & find fulfillment!



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