What Does “Minimalism” Mean to You?

When I first heard the word minimalism, I thought back to my art history days & recalled basic art, bare decoration, and people dressing in neutral tones. It seemed like a dull way of life, because I could not wrap my head around the concept of extreme simplicity. Why would someone deprive himself of life’s joys & color? Then, thinking about current day, I pictured fashion forward people that had all white bedrooms and a black and white aesthetic. I simply thought, eh, that isn’t the way for me.

I just didn’t get it.

But then, my friend recommended I listen to the “The Minimalists” podcast. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I trusted that her knowledge was something I personally wanted to learn from. On a long drive from Florida to Georgia, I listened to their podcasts and the wheels started turning!

Minimalism may start out as an aesthetic that makes you focus on what’s important, because there is nothing else to distract you. Or, it may make you feel overwhelmed, because the normal distractions aren’t around to, well, distract you from the thoughts and mind clutter that desperately needs some attention.

But as you explore minimalism and create your own minimalistic life, you will start to see that is not just the absence of things that changes your mindset, but it is actually YOU who is becoming more conscious, more deliberate about your actions, and more aware of what does and does not serve you.

Kaia Roman, at www.MindBodyGreen.com, explains how her purge of material belongings has allowed her and her family to live the digital nomad life. They travel the world and live out of two suitcases. She mentions that, “Making the choice to limit our possessions—not because we can’t afford them but because they aren’t necessary—feels incredibly freeing. We spend our money on travel, unique experiences, and healthy food instead.” Pretty cool, right?

As we pare down our materialistic things, we allow ourselves to focus on what drives us, what truly fulfills us, and puts us on the path to living our best lives.

So I ask you, what does minimalism mean to you? Is it just another trend, or a fresh new perspective to integrate into your life?

Comment below, tweet me, or send me a message! I want to hear your view.




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