How To: Add Value To Your Life.

This may seem odd, but one answer is to take things away.

This means declutter, stop accumulating, and give away what doesn’t serve you. If it isn’t functional, donate it. If you have several of the same items but only use one, either store them for back up (Things like cleaning products) or give them away. (Shirts, furniture, etc.) If you are holding onto it, purely for sentimental reasons, ask yourself if you are keeping it because it serves you purpose, or if you can still hold the essence of that memory without it? Or, if you have multiple possessions from a person, place, or event, keep just one & let the rest go. I think you’ll find yourself free to cherish the memory, move on, and make what’s happening in the NOW even better.

Here’s one woman’s journey with minimalism. Her interest in minimizing her work wardrobe in freezing NY winters led her to eventually purge her entire home, getting rid of possession after possession, searching for what gave her value. This woman’s name is Holly O, and her well known blog is called Create Alchemy. She has loads of inspiring stories, nuggets of info, motivation to get you on track to achieving your dreams. I love when she says, “Minimalism is a process, and it doesn’t end. It’s a conscious reaffirming to yourself every day to choose only what you need and love. It’s not a state you reach once and exist in forever. ” 

In her article, she talks about:

  • The Moment She Knew Things Had to Change
  • The Ah-ha! Moment
  • Minimalism: The Great Discovery
  • Mistakes She’s Made
  • Why She Thought She Should Embrace Minimalism
  • Why She Decided to Stick With It
  • Struggles
  • How It Has Changed Her
  • How You Can Start Your Story

It’s well worth the read if you are curious on how to add value to your life. And so, I’ll leave you with her ending thought… “In the end, what matters most to me will be what I was able to create, not what I was able to have.”

Minimalism will add to your creativity, your clarity, and your productivity. So let those anxious, overwhelmed feelings slip away. Let’s live our life with what really matters.



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