Minimalism for The Beginner

Okay, so. We now know what minimalism is. But, how can we start to implement it’s ideals into our own life, as we continue on our quest for happiness & fulfillment? Well, I guess it’s time to get rid of our things. But wait! Before you run for the dumpster, or get overwhelmed by the amount of belongings you own, let’s figure out what we should be keeping, and what we should let go of.

We want to keep the things that bring us value, and get rid of the things that truly do not. If you’re struggling to distinguish which is which, Jenna Mustard, a vlogger on YouTube, has a video that lists 5 Things You Don’t Need. She covers things like:

  1. Duplicates
  2. Cleaning Products
  3. Decor
  4. Technology
  5. Makeup



Jenna Mustard has a great starting point to get you thinking about what serves you and what does not, but it is also the process of letting go that we need to recognize. The Minimalists will help you understand and gain a better grasp of what letting go of your extra things can do for you, in their TED Talk, below.

If it still isn’t quite clear, here is one of my favorite breakdowns of the first steps you can take to simplify & freeing up your life.

“The key idea of minimalism is this:

Remove what isn’t adding value to your life, to make room for stuff that is.


clutter, time commitments, negative thought patterns and toxic relationships


time, space and energy for things that really matter to you”

This breakdown was written by Anuschka Rees on her blog, Formerly Into Mind.

So get rid of your duplicates, clear away your clutter, and begin to incorporate the mindset of these inspiring minimalists into your daily life. No one has to change all at once, but the gradual change will bring you more benefits than you could have ever imagined.



Jenna Mustard:

The Minimalists:

Formerly Into Mind:


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