Be The Root of Someone’s Tree

As I sit here on this fine Friday, I reflect on the a famous message about trees, from Tyler Perry’s Madea. I watched her in a video on Facebook, and her words hit me at a time when I really needed to hear them. “She” spoke of how she considers the people in her life to either be leaves, branches or roots. This is what she meant:

  • People that are leaves are only meant to be in your life for a season. They grow with you, sway back and forth, wither, and fall away. Enjoy them, but don’t pay them too much mind. Let them go.
  • People that are branches are a little more dependable. They grow with you for a little longer and you form a bond of trust with them. However, if they break off, it will be harder to get over their loss of friendship or love. But the good thing is…
  • There are a few people in your life that are grounding, trustworthy, caring roots. They nourish you, support you, and are in it for the long run. They don’t need to be seen by anyone else, and they don’t need to prove their actions of love for anyone else to see.

It sure was a ‘ah-ha’ moment for me.


Image by

We should cherish every type of person, whether seasonal, or life long, because we need all of them to thrive and live a full life.

The same idea applies when we care for those around us. I know we can’t be a root for everyone, but for the special few that we can be there for, we may mean the world to them. It is important for us, as individuals, to listen fully, care deeply, and laugh often with those we root down. It is powerful to think that you can help support, nurture and feed them what they need. And what we give out will come full circle, as well. I know there those in my life right now that I can see as leaves, who are seasonal, who hang on for awhile, eventually fall away from me. I, too, have been a leaf to others. There are those friends who are like branches. For a time, they are good friends. We may spend a lot of time together, working on a project or sharing a new experience. All seems well until I feel I can trust them enough to try to put weight on them, as I have invested my time into them, and vice versa. However, they may break off under pressure and fall away. This person is more painful to forget than the seasonal leaves, but luckily there are fewer branches than leaves.


Then, there are my roots. Strong, dependable, and caring roots. The foundation for any healthy tree. There are even fewer roots than branches, and I know I can depend on them to be there for me, and vice versa. With people like this, there seems an unspoken law of picking up right where we left off after a time apart. They keep me in check and know me better than anyone else. By having some awesome roots in my life, I have been fortunate enough to learn how to be a better root for others. In fact, they help me to become a better tree, too! So love your roots, and respect your trees.

p.s. The more you get to know me, you’ll find that I am proud to be a tree hugger! We can all learn so much when start to see the beauty, energy and wisdom of trees.




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