Grace Vanderwaal Has A Lesson For You.

It’s time to connect with another part of yourself. The part that often gets left in the dust. Who were you when you were 12?

Grace Vanderwaal, the quirky 12 year old who won America’s Got Talent (AGT), just released her debut EP, called Perfectly Imperfect. And you can learn something really important from her.


After seeing her on the show, I’ve become a big fan. I’ve followed her journey through YouTube videos and love listening to her music. Seriously, I’ve got some of her songs saved on my Spotify account. But why do I love her so much? And why am I telling you about her?

Well, because her music & honest personality have connected me to the best parts of who I used to be. 12 year old me was a mash-up of dreamer, laugher, wow-er, yes-er, and do-er. Grace’s music re-awakens that side of me.

Back then, I didn’t question my ability to do things, I just went for them.

Of course, I didn’t have the responsibilities that I do now, like paying bills, having deadlines, and other things that make me worry, worry, worry. BUT, what I did have was an intrinsic knowledge and belief that life is beautiful, and I trusted it. I was much more present in the moment. Before other people’s words started filling up my mind, I trusted my intuition and went where my heart pulled me. It was a fulfilling way to live. Nowadays, I tend to forget about it or simply don’t listen to it.

Now, how does this relate to Grace’s music? Well, Grace is genuine, kind, grateful and unashamed to be herself. Through her music, you can hear her story of how she maintained that. Her friends didn’t even know that she sang until she appeared on AGT!

Her songs are all about a time when we were more authentically ourselves. They will remind you of how things were before you started adding on protective layers. How things were before you started portraying an image of how you want people to perceive you. You were raw, you were innocent, and you were authentic. You spoke your truth, and other people saw and heard it.

Now, I don’t want to go back to being 12, but I sure would love to feel that way again. I’d love to shed some of my negative adult layers and re-introduce some of my inner kid back into my life. And Grace’s music helps me do that.

I love playing her song, “Light The Sky” in the car. I can connect it to how I feel about certain people in my life, and it inspires me to remember how AWESOME I am and how AWESOME I can feel about life. (Listen below)

When I’m feeling down, I might play her song, “I Don’t Know My Name” and by the end of it, I feel ready to take on life again.

So go listen to her music, hear her words of wisdom, (She’s actually 12 going on 25) and be reminded of what your 12 year old self might say to you. What would “young you” do about fulfilling your dreams, or making your life better? My advice is to listen. You were much wiser than you think.

There is a reason why America has fallen in love with Grace Vanderwaal. See for yourself.





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